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Rochester, New York 1 comment

I returned two swimsuits to; USPS tracking proves they received them. 60 days later I had no response after 6 emails and 3 phone messages. I couldn't even access my account but after awhile I mysteriously was able to get on, but they had erased my purchase history.

I have the Better Business Bureau, American Express, the Federal Trade Commission and the Oregon Department of Justice trying to get my money back. My next step is small claims court.

I didn't realize this before, but if you use American Express (maybe other cards, too) you can have them try and get a refund on your behalf and they will put a hold on the original charge until you get your money.

I've complained to every consumer website I can think of with the hopes that someone out there won't experience this.

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I've had good success with Swimlocker before, and the service has improved with their new management team -- they still have the lowest prices out there. Perhaps you caught them in the middle of the transition to the new owners?

Swimlocker has NO customer service support

Dearborn, Michigan 2 comments
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I placed an order 2 weeks ago. I received a confirmation email saying the order was placed successfully. However it does not show up in my "recent orders" online, so I am unsure if the order is being processed or not.

I've received NO emails with status updates. I've called their number listed on the website (a TX numbe which is not tollfree) twice, and sent 3 emails. All have not been responded to. I have no idea if the merchandise will be sent but I know their customer service is NON EXISTANT.

Will not order from there again.

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Ditto.Exactly the same thing.

However, I used paypal and they refunded my money Hooray for Pay pal.Shame on Swim Locker!


I currently have the Better Business Bureau, Oregon Department of Justice, and American Express trying to get my refund that is due from returning two swimsuits; I know exactly when they received them because of USPS tracking, so it wasn't lost in the mail.I have emailed them 6 times, left 3 messages, and, as you have experienced, received no response.

Interestingly, they have deleted my account history. I have left ratings on every consumer website I can find. My next step is small claims court.

If I were you I would get hooked up with the Better Business Bureau and your state's Department of Justice.Complain on every website you can and hopefully keep someone else from experiencing this.

Swimlocker - Poor Customer Service

Dallas, Texas 0 comments
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I returned a swim MP3 player when I found out it couldn't be loaded with music purchased from iTunes.Swimlocker received the player on Feb.

15 and sent me an e-mail stating a credit would be issued. After seeing no credit, I called the company on March 4. I was told this is a small company, and they only process credits at the beginning and middle of the month, and that it can take up to 2 billing cycles to credit a customer's account.

When I checked with Citibank, I was told credits appear within 48 hours after a credit is issued by a vendor.I think this is a case where the company's web site makes it seem like it is a more professional, capable operation than it actually is.

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